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Inside Sales and Account Management

Advocos offers inside sales services that exceed far beyond the expectations of a traditional call center. Our inside sales services offer your organization the ability to expand your sales efforts and achieve an increase in both reach and frequency. Our inside sales representatives have the ability to navigate the entire sales process from cold call to close, utilizing video conferencing and web detailing. Whether it be consumable products, capital equipment or services, our inside account model has repeatedly delivered success.
There are several reasons why a company chooses to partner with our inside sales efforts whether for short term projects or for long term promotional partnerships – here are just a few:

  • Ready to commercialize, but don’t have the budget to launch an Outside Sales Effort
  • Need for on demand Sales presentations – Rep-On-Demand Program
  • Increased Reach to uncovered targets and Frequency to covered targets
  • Tandem Selling with your current Outside Sales Team
  • Tandem Selling with an Advocos’ Outside Sales Team
  • Increase their outside sales rep’s accountability
  • Territory coverage during turnover or employee absence
  • Audience generation – Conference and Speaker Program
  • Market Intelligence
  • Conference follow up
  • Lead Generation
  • Advisory Board Development
  • Customer/Account Management
  • Sample fullfillment
  • Trial program
  • Appointment setting
  • Market Feedback
  • Alternative for reaching their “no see” physicians

Rep on Demand Program – This program offers your clinicians the right to speak to a sales representative that is well trained in both product knowledge and the sales process on their time and their terms. With the ever increasing demands on clinician’s schedules and the ever decreasing margins, there is pressure to see more patients in less time. It is no wonder why many busy practices limit the time they spend with representatives that just drop by on monthly rotation. Under this program, a clinician can call whenever is convenient for them. This allows for a much more relaxed product conversation to take place. The clinician’s comfort level in using a new product or service is increased with the knowledge that they can get immediate responses to their questions. Through video conferencing and web-details, the clinician is able to not only get the information they are in need of, but also build a rapport with the representative they are speaking with.