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Advocos Overview

At Advocos, we understand that due to continual industry change, sales growth is dependent upon strategic sales representative deployment, accurate targeting, proper positioning, messaging that engages your audience and a healthy dose of innovation. We strive to ensure a symbiotic relationship between those key elements, while building “partnering confidence” with our clients.

Advocos is focused on providing our partners with growth, progress and maximum return on investment. “Uncommon Answers. Extraordinary Results”…the Advocos difference.

Our Name

The name, Advocos, stems from the Latin word “Advoco” which means “The Call”. The name directly addresses our mission on two levels: the mission to our employees and the mission to our clients. Advocos® or “the call(ing)” signifies our commitment to providing an environment of purpose for each and every employee. We are dedicated to not forgetting that the core of our organization is comprised of individuals who choose to envelop themselves in the corporate vision. We are passionate about creating a corporate culture of unity, accountability and ownership. We also understand that as a Contract Sales Organization our responsibility is to perfect “the call” in our industry, so that our clients can realize the full benefit of aligning our efforts. As the advocate of each client, we recognize that results must surpass expectation.

Our Mission

To offer distinctive sales solutions and “partnering confidence” to our clients. We believe that building successful outsourcing partnerships is a product of our passion for excellence, our integrity in business transactions and our pioneering approach to augmenting promotional efforts.

Our Four-Promise Foundation

In this competitive market, those that rise above take every measure to ensure flawless execution. At Advocos®, mediocrity is not an option. We understand that once an organization has assessed the need to augment their current sales and marketing initiatives through partnering, there are numerous options. When a decision is made to align with Advocos®, there should be no expectation other than “excellence” as the deliverable.

The phrase “to partner” is simply the action of uniting, bonding or joining. We at Advocos® understand that when entering into a partnership, execution must be grounded in a sense of ownership. To exceed expectations, the Contract Sales Organization must possess equivalent passion and commitment to that of the client company. A genuine dedication, that is so key to success and is typically not associated with contracting, begins with ownership

Advocos® understands that partnering success is dependent upon clear and consistent communication, ensuring like-minded goals and expectations. It is our responsibility as a CSO partner to make certain that each objective is not only met, but surpassed. We understand that our reputation is dependent upon, and synonymous with, our integrity in each and every business transaction.

To keep one step ahead in today’s competitive and aggressive sales market, an organization is almost forced to be in a constant state of development. The magnitude of success or failure is largely contingent upon, not effort, but innovation. There is a clear difference between modest achievement and phenomenal success. Those that attain the latter are the trendsetters. Advocos® is committed to offering our partners unique sales strategies that compliment their current model.